by David Lee King

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Still working on this! 2016 is a collection of songs I've written and recorded in 2016. Just the stuff in my head, made into music.


released January 1, 2016

David Lee King - all music, instruments, vocals, recording and mixing. And messing up.




David Lee King Topeka, Kansas

Love social media, emerging trends, libraries, and music!

I typically write garage-ish, alternative/modern pop music about stuff in my head.

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Track Name: American Zombie
Verse 1:
wake up early to exercise
mix up a smoothie with kale and chives
then head to work, there’s a meeting at 8
now it’s bumper to bumper, and I’m running late

I’m an American zombie, an American zombie
I’m an American zombie, look at me, I’m an American zombie

Verse 2:
need a leader who’s handsome and neat
decked-out suit and gucci shoes on his feet
I know I couldn’t get within 20 feet
but he’s someone that I’d really want to meet, cause

mickeydees, movies, a coke and fries
can’t believe I believe these lies
belly fat, yoga mat, hitting the gym
my main goal in life is my next whim

Verse 3:
Woke up this morning with a killer headache
Guzzled down coffee till I got the shakes
Now I'm mega agitated and I can't see straight
Think I'm probably gonna make a big mistake cause
Track Name: Disappearing

Verse 1:
All alone in a crowded room
all the noisy people look right through
So I'm hangin at the bar with a book
go away, please don't look

I'm disappearing, I'm vanishing away
I'm disappearing, I'm invisible today

Verse 2:
Feel a little weird, no one understands
hide my head in the sand
no, I really don’t wanna interact
and yes, I think it’s time for a nap

People are awesome, I think they’re great
But right now I just need a break
Track Name: Well Done Scott!
Well Done, Scott!

Verse 1:
My old friend Scott just lost a lot of weight!
With some exercise and a smaller dinner plate!

Now he’s getting out and about
Just can’t hold the man down

Well done Scott (where did the weight go?)
Well done Scott (where did the weight go?)
Well done Scott (where did the weight go?)
Well done Scott (where did the weight go?)

Verse 2:
Now all of his pants have a baggier stance, Oh my!
Cause he replaced the cake with a slimfast shake, Oh my!

Hey Scott - You overcame
Hey hey Scott - you won the game
Hey Scott - do more of the same
Hey hey Scott - I’m gonna mess with your name!