David’s Deep Thoughts, & other Random Acts of Noise

by David Lee King

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released April 4, 2015




David Lee King Topeka, Kansas

Love social media, emerging trends, libraries, and music!

I typically write garage-ish, alternative/modern pop music about stuff in my head.

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Track Name: Next New Thing
Verse 1:
investigating under every rock and crevasse
scrutinizing each tree
chasing all the bunny trails that I find
looking for something new to see

I'm ready for a new thing
I'm ready for the next new thing
hope it's not a temporary fling
cause I’m ready for the next new thing

Verse 2:
my hair is gray and thin on the top
my eyebrows are sprouting like a weed
my knees have given up, they groan and creak
time has crept up on me

while the view from here is a site to see,
I think it's getting time for a change of scenery
Track Name: I Drive a Pacer
Verse 1:
Ruby red body, fat mag wheels
You'd think I paid a fortune, but I got a steal
It was an old clunker, but now it's a racer...
I drive a Pacer.

Verse 2:
When I’m drivin’ down the road people stare at me
I know they're jealous 'cause of what they see
I cut through the traffic like a, a sharpened razor...
I drive a Pacer.

Verse 3:
I listen to some pumpin’ tunes on my 8-track
While cruisin' in my double-wide fishbowl Cadillac
The sun is shining through as hot as a laser...
I drive a Pacer.
Track Name: Beautiful Headache
Verse 1:
Monday morning in my car, on the highway
Man, that sun is really bright
It’s only Monday but I wish that it was Friday
I'm gonna do nothing but sleep tonight

I got a beautiful headache
I got a beautiful headache
getting up was a big mistake
I got a beautiful headache, ow, ow

Verse 2:
ibuprofen in my hand, and a glass of water
hopefully they'll kick in soon
in another half an hour, still a little sweet and sour
I think I might be immune

There’s some consequences makin me feel numb
a big boom in my brain like a big bass drum
Track Name: Where's My Robot Now?
Verse 1:
i was contemplating all the chores i needed to do
and then it hit me, that's work i have ta do
so i made an itty bitty mechanical chum
to do my laundry and to clean my room

Verse 2:
he’s a mechanical marvel all electricity
intermediate coding floating in his body
but his most amazing feature is his personality
he hates to do chores just as much as me

where's my robot now
I think he's hiding again, it's a possibility, oh
where's my robot now
I think he's hiding, I think he's hiding from me, oh yeah

Verse 3:
i think he's creeping round the corner, think he's turning off his fan
i think he just discovered that he's workin for the Man
I think he’s shut down all his boring functionality
cause just like me he hates responsibility

when i go to sleep, is he underneath my bed?
will he turn on me and kick me in the head?
i can't get any rest, my bot is fillin me with dread
if i make him do the vacuuming, i think I might just end up dead
Track Name: You Shine
Verse 1:
I’m walking along a dead end road
It’s my fault I’m here ‘cause I didn’t know where to go
shadows creepin round my mind
reminding me that I’ll find

Even in the blackest night
Your brightness blinds
And even in my darkest hour
you shine

Verse 2:
I don’t believe what’s in my mind
it’s outta hand, and it’s wasting all my time
I realize I crossed a line
can you cut through this and shine?

when I’m hiding from the light
in the blackest night
you shine
Track Name: Eternity
Verse 1:
longer than a highway, winding around
wider than a Kansas thunder cloud
faster than an airplane, up in the sky
with it’s jet engines screamin out

Chorus 1:
It’s just eternity

Verse 2:
thinkin ‘bout my rocky history
thinkin’ ‘bout my eyes and what they see
I think I’m ok, think I’ll be alright
but I hope I don’t die tonight

Chorus 2:
Cause It’s eternity, just eternity
feels a bit like fantasy
but it’s got a date with me
just eternity

right now it’s so hard to see
feels a little far away but I know it’s my destiny
Track Name: Eraser
Verse 1:
Buildings disappearing all around
I see eraser fallout on the ground
I wonder what’ll happen to the city where I work
I wonder what’ll happen when it’s erased down to the dirt

It’s the day Kansas City was erased
by the hand of God

Verse 2:
Cars are driving slowly, drivers wear a frown
They’re having trouble getting to downtown
I wonder what’ll happen to those miserable jerks
I wonder what’ll happen when they’re erased down to the dirt

Verse 3:
Everything is disappearing, fading fast
I see a big eraser smudging past
I wonder what’ll happen, will it happen to me
I wonder what’ll happen, it’s such a mystery
Track Name: Don't Get It
Verse 1:
hangin out at one a.m. everybody’s havin fun
Singin' Bon Jovi karaoke so bad I wanna run

Verse 2:
They think they're amazing, cool as an arctic breeze
but their off-key drunken singing makes me wanna scream

I don’t get it, I don’t get it
I don’t understand what’s really happenin’?
I don't get it

Verse 3:
dude at the dinner table sharing his thoughts on God and morality
I look around, and once again I’m in the minority

everyone is different, everyone can change
but I don’t understand why everyone’s insane!
Track Name: In My Head
Verse 1:
I got a melody on my tongue
It's quite oblique, never been sung
still a mystery, can't quite see
But I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna set it free

I wanna write the songs in my head
I wanna write the songs in my head
I wanna write the songs that keep me outta bed at night
I wanna write the songs … in my head

Verse 2:
Harmonies and rhythms skipping in my brain
Pounding on the pavement driving me insane
Gotta corner those notes and make a melody
Open up the floodgates and set them free
Track Name: Dry Road
Verse 1:
Dusty clouds around my head
burn my eyes, and turn them red
hot wind blowin in my face
pushin me back the way I came

I’m on a dry road and I really need some rain
on a dry road and I really need some rain
I think I drifted a bit too far away
I’m on a dry road and I really need some rain

Verse 2:
sand has slowly filled my soul
It's weight has started to take a toll
I planned to find a shorter way
now I’m stuck here today

God guide me out today
How did I get so far away
When I really should have stayed
God show me the way
Track Name: Everything's Temporary
Verse 1:
My body’s gonna fall apart some day
My mind will waste away
The house I live in will tumble down
My memories will fade like an evaporating cloud

I know all this is true
And I want to be with you… cause

Everything’s temporary
Everything under the sun
Everything’s temporary
But your love

Verse 2:
These feelings I have will disappear
My hopes, my hurts, my fears
There’s nothing I sing that’s gonna stay
This guitar I play will turn to dust and float away